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Schofield Barracks Shoulder Bag

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Schofield Barracks shoulder bag is made with high-density cotton canvas. Sand washing processed to present the soft touch feeling and the old-fashioned look. The whole bag demonstrates a nostalgic style, showing a strong casual and retro impression.

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The Schofield Barracks Shoulder Bag has a soft removable interior cotton camera case with padded dividers for absorbing shock and vibration for camera and lens; without the detachable padded dividers, the case can transform into a laptop protector.

Photography Features –

The Schofield Barracks Shoulder Bag has below special features, and many more waiting for you to find out!

  • Large flap with two magnetic snap closure, and PU coating zipper
  • Three padded, touch-fastening dividers for organization
  • Accessories are easily accommodated in the front and side exterior pockets
  • Hold it with its padded top handle, or wear with the adjustable shoulder strap
  • Removable interior camera bag accommodates a DSLR Camera with two lenses

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions35 × 12 × 28 cm

Shoulder Bag

12 reviews for Schofield Barracks Shoulder Bag

  1. Jeffrey Smallwood

    I just finished my first extended day using the bag. It is big enough to carry my Fuji X-Pro2 with an attached lens and three more prime lenses. I kept my large flash, spare batteries, memory cards and other, less frequently used stuff, in the outer pockets. There is lots of additional room for when I travel and need to carry more stuff inside. I leave the top zipper open but feel it would be useful if it ever rains out here in west Texas. Access to lens was easy as I walked and kept the bag slung over my shoulder. I had a nice surprise with the “hidden” pocket inside. I thought strap could be wider or padded, but after several hours of carrying the bag, I was essentially not aware of any weight or strain on my shoulder. Finally, I think it looks as tough even my wife complemented its looks.

  2. B***** Klincharski

    This bag is perfect for my Canon 5D Mark IV and my DJI Mavic Pro with the remote that is below the camera on the right side perfectly safe. On the sides, I put two spare batteries for the Mavic Pro. I use the front pocket for my wallet and the other one is empty for other things that I can carry on the go. I have my main backpack with all the lenses, but sometimes seeing the big backpack prevents me taking the camera out. Now I don’t have an excuse not to take my camera and my DJI Mavic Pro with me. The thing is if you have a setup like me you can’t carry more than one lens. I like to keep my lens attached so I can pull out my camera and take the photo immediately. The quality is good there is no doubt about it. So I would recommend this bag to anyone that would like to take the camera more often but not carry a big backpack with him. And will be less a target for a thief.

  3. heltonb

    It took 2 weeks to NYC, not too bad. The first impression out of the box was fantastic. I am already a sucker for canvas and leather products. They last forever and will always look good. The stitching looks and feels very solid. The strap is also nice and long for me a 6’ 3” male. I also enjoy the pieces of leather on the bottom of the bag making it all that more rugged.

    There is this little strap on the back of the bag that I’m not sure what it is for, belt loop maybe?

    I have yet to put the bag through the paces, but I have no doubt it will hold up.

  4. T. Gustafsson

    I am a family photographer and have been schlepping my gear around in a backpack style camera bag. Although I didn’t have any problems with it I wanted something that had a little more non-camera use for flying or walking around town. I’m so glad I got it.

    The colour is accurate and the material is nice, strong canvas, that is very well stitched. The bottom corners of the bag are reinforced. The leather is really nicely cut and stitched. The front clasps for the main pouch are magnetic and stay well. The front buckles not always functional but if you zip the zipper that shouldn’t be a problem and I really like the easy access to my camera. The zipper seems like a normal zipper to me. The side pockets are buckle access so I used them for the things I don’t use as often (iPhone tripod, tripod accessories, etc.). The small front pockets are snap closure and are very strong. I use them for my extra batteries.
    It has enough space to hold my Nikon D610 body, 35mm, 50 mm, speed light, cleaning kit, and other little accessories that I bring to shoots. I still have room after that for my journal, my current book, my wallet and sunglasses. The camera holder is completely removable so it can be used as just a messenger bag. The strap is comfortable and adjustable. I can easily wear it on one shoulder or across my body. I was worried about this bag looking really bulky and wide like a box but thankfully it’s more tall than wide. It’s easy to carry on shoots, and comfortable enough to wear so that I can easily access my other lens. Shipment took about 3 weeks to Sweden.

  5. Customer

    I really like the bag. I am going on a trip and wanted something versatile for my camera and space for storage on foot. I took it out for a test run around my town and the only issue I have with the bag is the strap. There is no padding on the strap. I had my 6D, nifty 50, sigma 35mm, and Tamron 70-200mm. All of that weight took about 10 mins before it became annoying and 30 mins it started to cause real discomfort. I won’t be carrying around all that glass on my trip, but wanted to get a feel for worst case scenario. I’ve ordered a memory foam pad for the strap, hopefully, that will help. Other than that, space was adequate. I couldn’t fit my body with the 70-200 attached without leaving the zipper open. For the price, I still recommend. It seems like it would be perfect for a walk around portrait session and travelling.

    My main bag is a backpack, Lowepro. I like having the support of a backpack, but the ease of access to the gear in the vincov was appealing. They should have spent a little more time designing a comfortable strap and enough space for a body and 70-200mm together, as it is a common combination.

  6. Adam C.

    I am loving this messenger style bag. It is stylish and doesn’t look like a camera bag. As someone who carries around a laptop and rangefinder-like cameras, it fits my needs perfectly.

    Here is what I usually carry around with me:
    13″ MacBook Pro
    iPad Mini (it would fit a normal iPad too)
    A book or Kindle
    Either a film Leica or Fuji X100T mirrorless
    Various cables tucked into a zippered pouch
    Bluetooth Mouse
    A 5 port USB charge brick
    A 13000 mAh Anker battery pack
    A few pens and pencils
    At this point it starts to get a little heavy but there’s actually enough room for more if you’re a glutton for punishment.

    The Good:
    It’s roomy! Use as a camera bag and/or a laptop bag. I shoot with a film Leica or a Fuji X100T mirrorless camera. If you’re using a compact camera like I do you can fit it and 13″ MacBook Pro with room to spare.
    The bag is rugged and sturdy while still flexible and roomy.
    The pockets are all very well placed and roomy.
    The strap is well designed and can be easily adjusted.
    I removed the padded insert designed for camera systems and built my own little padded pocket I can slip my camera into. You could easily use the default insert for a small to medium DSLR camera and a couple lenses – it’s just not suited to my needs.

    The not so good:
    1. The main flap closes with magnetized latches. It would have been better if it used snaps to discourage pickpockets. The magnet fit is a bit finicky and is too difficult to close properly. For the most part, though the flap stays latched very well.
    2. The smaller external front two pockets both close with snaps and I think this would have been the better place for magnetized latches.
    3. The side pockets both closes with the belt loops, which is inconvenient and I figured would be best used as quick access pockets for things like phones or pens.

    I wish that there was a strap on top for carrying the bag around by hand.

    It seems like I’m complaining a lot here and there are certainly ways this bag could have been better but overall I am very happy with this bag. It suits my needs perfectly and I have come up with workarounds for the few shortcomings.

  7. Brian Dyche

    I purchased the dark grey. So far so good. The only thing that is bothering me is it slightly (to me) smells of cat urine? Something musty. If this is genuine cow leather I suppose it could be that, but I will leave it out and see if that smell dissipates. It fits my current D5500 and 1 lens I own as of today. I just made another lens purchase and overall hope to have a third within the next couple weeks. I think one camera and 3 lenses may be all that will fit inside this bag. It has the space I need though, am giving this 5 stars. It does what I need it to do, and looks great! The strap is long enough to do cross-body style (I am tall so that is impressive) and the bag meets at my hip comfortably. The padding is removable which is also a bonus as it can double as a regular purse or as half purse half camera bag if I decide to just take one lens with me on a short trip which avoids me carrying a separate purse (annoying). For the price, I feel that this is a great bag to have for someone who doesn’t plan to lug around 4 or more small lenses or 2 larger lenses. If you need more than that, Vincov does have some great backpack style camera bags with multiple organized and padded compartments. I would recommend this item. Hope this helps!

  8. Purple Griffon

    As with other vincov products, this camera bag is of excellent quality. Way more practical and utilitarian than the “steal me” bag that came with my Nikon D5000 kit.
    The styling and stitch quality is excellent, the heavy-duty fabric looks indestructible, but just in case Kattee strategically places thick leather patches in potential wear points. The padded insert will protect your gear and is easily reconfigured with the supplied pad and Velcro dividers.
    The two large front snap pockets provide plenty of room for accessories, there smaller covered pockets on either end and generously sized internal zippered pouch, perfect for filters and memory cards.
    I was easily able to place the camera, lens, flash, auxiliary lens, cables, etc. in the bag before stuffing all the pockets.
    If you pull the insert out, you could use it as a small carry-on bag.
    I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it.

  9. Bill C.

    I was a little sceptical at first because of first time online shopping out of Australia. But was very surprised when I received the bag. Just what I was looking for. It is just the right size to carry everything I need for a day trip. Now I don’t have to lug around my backpack camera bag. Holds my D7100 and I could easily take along a couple of extra lenses. Lots of side pockets for all of those extras. It could easily hold a laptop or iPad if you wanted. Construction looks good. I would buy it again.

  10. Student_of_Life

    I used it extensively over the past couple of weeks on a European vacation. It was a really great bag, that is as small as it can be while allowing you to haul a DSLR, a spare lens, and a bunch of other things you may need. In my case, some light snacks, gum, a wireless hotspot, an Anker battery brick, an iPad, some cables and plugs, and some miscellaneous papers and identification. The bag is made of solid material but is still pretty lightweight. The only complaint I have is that the strap is not as wide as it should be. A wide strap goes a long way in easing the weight you feel on your shoulders. This is worth a one-star drop. But otherwise, it is a great bag.

  11. Scott Thomas

    Great bag! Durable canvas, nice leather, insert is very well padded, bag retains its shape well. Unlike other reviewers, I thought is bag was a perfect messenger bag size (I’m 6′ 2 though). I took my GH4 with two large lenses and one small prime and it fit very well and was comfortable to walk around with. Even managed to fit a microphone, selfie stick, tablet, and variety of filters in it as well if I wanted to pack it full!

    The magnet fasteners are not the best type and don’t stay attached well sometimes, I also really wish it had a top handle to make picking it up easier.

    Vincov was very communicative, it took 2 1/2 weeks to LA. Overall a bag and shop I’d recommend.

  12. Ameri M.

    As a photographer friend commented, if photography is your hobby, you also have a hobby collecting bags (and probably straps too). I think this is my sixth bag and it is the closest I have come yet to being my perfect all around bag. It doesn’t have the capacity of others, but that forces me to take only what I really need. I usually end up not using the majority of the stuff in my larger bag anyway. BTW, beside being quite functional, it is very well constructed and it looks great.

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