We are grateful for the growing community of photographers and camera lovers around the world that choose Vincov.

Through this selection, we invite you to get to know a few of our friends who are using Vincov camera bags and cases.

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Stéphan HellinStéphan is a physiotherapist and talented photographer based in Paris.

He is always trying to capture the beautiful things around him in a picture.

Photography has changed the way he looks around him, the way he looks at everything.



Philipp Jordan

Philipp is talented reportage photographer based in Germany.

“When it comes to photography it is important for me to capture the moments as they are, so I don’t do any posed pictures.

The people on the picture should be as in real life. It is a passion of mine to photograph topics,

which do not get much attention like shoemaker or a surf board manufacturer”



Bon Voyage Travelers

Dani and Danielle

Two girls that travel around the world, capturing those amazing moments that can be kept forever.

Photography is their way of sharing their moments with the world.

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Jordan Ring Photography

To Capture Memorable Photos for you. I want you and others to look at your photos and feel that “wow factor.”

Originally from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles.

While on set he is drawn to set design, lighting, hair, makeup, camera equipment and everything else that makes an actor look good.

He has shot with dozens of actors always making sure to capture the essence of what will make them most castable.

When not photographing actors or portraiture, he enjoys peaceful moments shooting nature,

landscapes and the often times over the looked area of macro photography.




Lorraine Lam

Lorraine is a snowboarding and skiing instructor, at the same time she is a passionate photographer.

If you happened to go for a ski holiday in Asia, and want to find someone who can teach and take amazing skiing/ snowboarding photos for you. Do look for her!


Treks with Tykes is empowering women by building a community of moms ,who believe that having children means living more, not less.

This community of moms and kids explore the world together.

Passionate, driven, strong, independent, free-thinking, compassionate, big dreaming moms create the same in their children.


Patrick Labitzke – Photojournalist

Shanika Hillocks
Shanika Hillocks is a NYC-based content strategist and freelance writer specializing in the food and beverage alcohol spaces.



Brett Tomadin

Brett is a photographer and audio engineer based pit of Taos, New Mexico. Driven by the beauty of the natural world,

he implement organic element of flow when capturing a moment through light and sound


Kevin Vandenberghe

Kevin is a self-taught photographer based in Belgium.

As a baby in Photographyland he loves photographing people.

He was fortunate enough to discover his interest in photography at the age of 21

and a few years later he started his own photography business.



Peter Fauland

Peter is a photographer based in Berlin.

Besides his own projects, he is working as a photography teacher.

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