Camera Backpack

Camera Shoulder Bag


If you’re looking to carry and transport most. Then camera backpacks are the best choice for those on the road a lot. A comfortable camera backpack can save you from suffering shoulders and back pain. Because weight is distributed over both shoulders. In addition, the excellent storage capacity allows you to pack all your equipment. Also, having enough room for things like food and a laptop. Every photographer with a vintage soul deserves a reliable, sturdy multi-purpose Vincov Backpack.

All Vincov’s backpacks share the same vintage aesthetic and one a common purpose – secure your photographic equipment under any circumstances. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, our backpacks ensure the safety of your camera and gear. Also adding the classy style on you as well as support your creativity.

Shoulder Bags

Vincov offers special shoulder bags that are unlike the traditional one that can only sit on one shoulder hanging down. Our shoulder bags added a messager bag feature that makes them both stylish and extremely practical! You are free to position the bag – hang in the front while your working; slides it around to your back while moving to another location.

What makes our shoulder bags popular is the quick access to gears! All the gear is right there right at your fingertips, horizontal to the ground. In this way, you just need to reach down and swap a lens without having to take anything off or set it down. Much more friendly for actively taking photos or in a crowded area. Besides, everyone loves timeless camera shoulder bags!

Your Ideal Camera Bag

With there are many bags to choose from, it is hard to choose the right one. Here in Vincov, we are glad to present to you our best retro-inspired Camera Shoulders Bags & Backpacks, and a step by step guide to choosing a perfect camera bag for you. The ideal companion, a dream for all photographers out there with a vintage soul. Despite, many have tried to create a perfect camera bag for all, it is not yet the reality. This is to say that the one-size-fits-all camera bag is not what you should look for in search of the ideal camera bag. Numerous photographers have several bags, depend upon what is the camera-subject and the shooting location. Read about How to Choose Your Ideal Camera Bag!