How to Choose Your Ideal Camera Bag

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How to Choose Your Ideal Camera Bag

With there are many bags to choose from, it is hard to choose the right one. Here in Vincov, we are glad to present to you our best camera bags, and a step by step guide to choosing a perfect one for you. The Ideal Camera Bag, a dream for all photographer. Despite, many have tried to create a perfect one for all, it is not yet the reality. This is to say that one-size-fits-all photography bag is not what you should look for in search of the perfect partner for your camera and gear. Numerous photographers have several bags, depend upon what is the camera-subject and the shooting location.

What is your camera subject and Where is the shooting location?

The first step and most important step is to know what you will be shooting.

For example, you are touring a city doing street shooting. It requires fast access to your camera and equipment and high mobility. Camera Shoulder Bag will be a good choice, our all-time favourite Taroko Shoulder Bag allows you can place your gear horizontal to the ground and they are only fingertips away. In addition, it can be hung in the front while you are taking photos, and slide it to your back when you are moving on.

Let’s say you are a city hopper. A comfortable rucksack with breathable back padding design is surely a good idea. The Ólafsvík Camera Backpack is an awesome choice! It delivers high performance to the regional explorer who needs an urban-inspired pack for an all-day outing. Also, it is the perfect size for hand-carry luggage.

If you are going on a multi-hour hike/walk to reach to your shooting place. Camera Backpack serves you well. The Tulum Camera Backpack comes with two opening systems, one must fit your need! The heavyweight is distributed over both shoulders and centred on your body. It also allows you to free your hands completely which is important on a hike.

When you are travelling or on a long day photo-shooting day, a good daypack is needed. If Charles Darwin were a modern traveller/photographer, he will surely appreciate our Darwin Shoulder Bag. It is the multifunctional messager bag you can rely on; not only the camera is well-protected in the shockproof camera case, but also your sketchbook and your iPad inside the water-resistance bag.

All and all –

You might still be thinking of a camera bag that has all the necessary photography features – the Ideal Camera Bag. A bag that you can rely on in the urban area, does not scream out you have expensive camera and gear inside. Also, you can climb the mountain to see the world through the lens without worrying about the safety of your camera. Furthermore, it has to be easy and quick access to your equipment so that you would not miss any precious moment. Vincov knows all about it! Therefore, Lisboa Camera Backpack and Takaka Camera Backpack are here to have you covered.