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Devon Camera Case – Fujifilm X100V

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The Devon retro-style camera case is made for Fujifilm X100V. It fits perfectly and will vintage cover your beloved Fujifilm digital camera. Once the case is on, your camera is safeguarded. While it gives full protection to your camera, it can quickly pull open the leather flap, make sure you will not miss any great opportunities to take a photo. Also, the camera can be put on a tripod easily without removing the case. With fast access opener, you can change the battery without removing the base.

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The retro-styled camera case is made of high-quality and lightweight PU leather, making it extra durable. It keeps your camera safe from dust, drops, and spills. There are two separate parts – The Base is connected to the camera with a screw hole which is also used as the connection to the tripod. The Leather Flap is the lens cover, it is connected to the base and can be easily opened with two snap fasteners.
  • Customized designed cutouts only for Fujifilm X100V
  • Fast opener for battery and memory access
  • The same leather style camera strap and lens cap is included
  • Precise cutouts give full and easy access to all features
  • The inner layer is lined with suede, which protects the screen and lens from getting scratched or damaged

*Please note the real leather color might variate from the product picture. Colour variations are caused by the nature of the leather and the manufacturing process.

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Black, Brown, Coffee


PU Leather

3 reviews for Devon Camera Case – Fujifilm X100V

  1. Daniel

    1. It is convenient – The button closure means that it is possible to go from fully protected to shooting in seconds.
    2. It provides great protection. I have no qualms putting this in a backpack filled with other items.
    3. It is flexible – The case is convertible from a half case to a full case by way of two snaps.
    4. It is compatible with the ultra-thin lens hood and a 49mm filter.
    5. It maintains access – It’s easy to access the battery and SD card. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more room when swapping batteries, but I have found the battery life is surprisingly good in the X100V and I don’t change batteries frequently.
    6. It seems durable and well constructed.
    7. It’s reasonably priced.
    8. People seem to like its appearance–I have received many compliments.
    9. The case can be put on my tripod without removing it.

  2. Georg

    I found the X100V, with an adapter ring, protector filter and original Fujifilm lens cap…. will fit in this case. (Of course, it does not fit over the lens hood.) I like the brown leather and I’ve gotten many compliments from people who are curious about the “vintage looking” camera. Is it worth the price? I think so.

    Most important: The tripod mount is not accessible with the case on. The case has a trap door for accessing the battery/SD card door… it opens with a snap button and is quite secure. To open the case to take a picture…. pull from the flap on the bottom, up and over the camera to the back… this may seem odd at first, but give it a few weeks and you will like how easy it is to flip the case open and have the camera ready to shoot.
    Finally….. you may want to extend or replace the original strap…’s just too short and a bit harsh on the neck… I’ll find something that works for comfort, security and looks good with my brown leather case.

  3. Drew (verified owner)

    * This case does fit the adapter ring/filter setup, unlike many cases.
    * It’s not a perfect fit, though with time the leather(?) will likely conform more to the body of the camera to fit better I imagine.
    * It is not quite the dark coffee color shown in the photos, a bit of a mix between the brown and the coffee options.
    * The strap is too short to be useful for many I would imagine, get a different strap.
    * Overall worth it because it’s hard to find a case for this camera that will fit with the adapter ring/lens filter on it, but the wait time and overall appearance of what I received would have me looking into a different option for a future purchase.

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