Instagram Accounts for Vintage Inspired Photography

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For all the vintagesouls out there, who cant get enough of vintage and retro input. Vintage photography is all about soft and whimsical colors. It has these dreamy effects yet conveys such a strong emotion. Here are some of our top vintage inspired instagram accounts that we follow.


Paper of The Past

Vintage Scrapbook They hunt down scrapbook from the oldies and uncover the stories told from the scrapbook. The way they capture each scrapbook against the white background somehow looks minimalist and so pleasing to the eye.

Thibaud Hérem

This talented illustrator draws buildings and characters with a touch of vintage aesthetic. The way he uses vintage color palette to his illustration works perfectly with his work making his Instagram account so worthy to follow.


Homestead Seattle

This vintage shop Instagram account is full of inspiration and ideas on interior design. Their online store is full of vintage color products such as vases, rugs, plants and furnitures make you easily spend hours browsing and admiring.

Manuel Pita (Sejkko)

Sejkko Instagram feed is all about architecture and scenery with vintage looks and colours. The way Sejkko pictured his photographs is by featuring objects in tiny size with plenty of background. Soft and whimsical color of this Instagram photos makes you feel like you’re being transported to the place.


Kinfolk instagram feeds covers everything from inspiring people, interior design, buildings, architecture and fashion. The color tone used in their feed will feed the classic and vintage lovers aesthetic. Their website features absolute good read and you should definitely drop by and get inspired.





Well, that’s our favourites on Instagram. What about you? Any suggestions you have you can drop us a comment below. We love to hear who you are inspired by on Instagram.