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Montréal Camera Backpack

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Montréal City Rucksack delivers high performance to the regional explorer who needs an urban-inspired pack for an all-day outing. It has a fully customisable interior compartment for cameras and lenses, plus multifunctional pockets for accessories.

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The Montréal Camera Backpack comes in bright shining colours red and blue in 70s style. Four quick-access points: both sides, back entry, and top-loading. The breathable back padding is designed for comfortable long-time carrying. It gives you comfort and organisation on a busy sunny day shooting or rainy city walk.

Photography Features –

The Montréal Camera Backpack has below special features, and many more waiting for you to find out!

  • Buckle Flap fast and easy to release opens
  • Made with weather resistant, rugged cotton canvas
  • Pack your camera gears neatly with it adjustable padded dividers
  • A removable monopod or tripod straps and big pockets on the side

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Weight1.01 kg
Dimensions20 x 28 x 42 cm



Camera Backpack



4 reviews for Montréal Camera Backpack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    E**t B.

    Awesome!! The bag is exatly like on the picture!! The material is so strong, the sewing is perfect! The the brown straps are real leather and its connected magnetic to the bag so its easy to open and close. Many pockets! The camera bag part is good with variable positions. I put the 6d a 24-105 an fix 50 and batteries and charger in it, cards has small pockets. Very very good quality! I adore my bag and the color is wonderfull! Soooo cool bag. If you want you can take the camera holder part off and use it as a normal backpack. Excellent! ONE WEEK DELIVERY!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I took this bag on a trip with me so I could store my DSLR camera in a safe and secure place. I was not disappointed. It made toting around my DSLR (which is a bit hefty) a breeze. I use it as a regular backpack when I don’t need to carry my camera around with me. The only thing I wish the backpack came with were some quick instructions on how to insert the velcro dividers. I had to sit there and figure it out for a little while since I am bad at 3-D puzzles.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jonathan McCaslin

    Used this back for a trip up into the woods of Yosemite, and brought it to Asia and Europe. The camera compartment at the back is a nice touch, allowing you protect your camera (and belongings) from pickpockets while travelling. My only complaint is that the drawstring in the main compartment is super long, and when I forget to tuck it back inside, it swings around and almost tripped my travel companion. Overall, a very sturdy bag. The tripod strap holds well too. Also love the side zip for easy access to snacks instead of having to dig through items from the top.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve recently returned from a 2-week trip to Japan, during which I used this backpack extensively every single day. I purchased this bag for my trip, along with two others, after months of exhausting research on camera backpacks. I specifically wanted a backpack that I could use as my personal carry-on item, store my camera gear inside of, and use as my daily backpack. When it came time to leave, it was the Koolertron I chose to bring. During my trip, I believe I used nearly every function of this bag.

    I wanted a camera backpack that wouldn’t advertise itself as such to potential thieves. The Montréal delivered on this front. It looks like a regular backpack, with some style too. The main security function that I was really excited about on this bag (and the other 2 that I bought) was that the camera compartment is primarily back-access only. You can technically get in through the top compartment, but that takes a lot of effort on the fly. I wasn’t wild about the top compartment being drawstring, but the magnetic front flap covers both the drawstring enclosure and the front zipper pocket for added security. While it was frustrating at times when I needed to get something out of the top compartment quickly, I appreciated the fact that it was all secure. What’s really handy is that there’s a small zippered opening on the side that allows for quick access to the top compartment without having to undo everything. I used that quite a lot with it still feeling secure since the zipper is so close to your back. You would feel if someone tried to tamper with it.

    The camera compartment was spacious enough to bring the gear I needed. I brought along my Canon 6d, 24-105mm, and 50 mm lenses with no space issues. It took only a brief moment or two of trying to get the camera out, so it was a nice combination of convenient access and snug protection. I always felt that my gear was safe. Another nice function is that you’re able to remove the padded dividers and transform this backpack into 1 extra large compartment instead of 2 if you’re not packing your camera gear. I definitely made use of all the different side pockets on this bag, as well. The front, a zippered pocket was the perfect size for my tablet and various goods. The side pockets were good for small items, especially things I needed to grab quickly. There’s even a tiny zippered compartment in the flap itself, inside of which I was able to pack a tiny pair of headphones.

    The size of the bag, in addition to the style, was one of the main reasons I chose this bag over the other two that I bought. It was big enough to carry what I needed (although I definitely over-packed it a few times), while still being small enough to bring into shops and fit under the seat in front of me on the plane. There were times, especially when it was stuffed full, that I felt a little silly carrying it into shops and restaurants. However, it really wasn’t a big deal and any of the other backpacks I was looking at would have done the same or worse. It didn’t look like some kind of hiking backpack on me, yet it still had enough room for my camera gear and several carry-on items (even my coat, when desperate). I usually packed my gear, a makeup/toiletry bag, a small notepad, my phone, my wallet, my coin purse, and a thin cardigan…and still had room for a couple more things. One day I even packed my flat-iron in it! I will say though that the bag does start to look ridiculous when over-packed, especially since it becomes harder for the leather straps in the front to reach their snapping points.

    The bag felt durable, the only wear and tear I noticed on the bag was that the light part on the front got a bit dirty and the drawstring tore in the first couple of days. I ended up just knotting the two ends of the string together and using it that way for the rest of the trip. It was usable, but just a bit annoying. I carried this bag with a lot of items in it, so I definitely felt all of that painful weight. I also noticed that, if sleeveless, the backpack’s straps were quick to start rubbing my skin abrasively. While I think most backpacks would’ve done that, I just felt that it was a bit quick. I found myself having to adjust the length of the straps each day, as they kept sliding off the desired setting.

    Finally, it did rain a couple of times–so I was able to try out the rain cover. I found it both easy to use and very reliable. While we weren’t out in any torrential downpours, I did feel that my bag was being kept dry. The only feature I didn’t really make use of on this bag was the blue strap on the side that seems to be designed for a tripod.

    All in all, it wasn’t the most convenient at times–but I’m glad I bought it. It looked good, was functional as a camera bag, felt secure, worked as my carry-on personal item, and was able to fit extra day-to-day goods on the top compartment. If I could change one thing, it would be to have a zipper enclosure for the top compartment instead of the drawstring, It would be more ideal but clearly wasn’t essential to my trip. I definitely recommend this Montréal bag to anyone looking for a stylish, secure camera backpack.

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